Made in Cloister, Naples, Italy, 2022
Curator: Demetrio Paparoni

INTERACTION NAPLES 2022 is the first edition of an exhibition that will be repeated every two years, conceived as the result of the interaction between the works of 27 international artists . The exhibition, which will open on 12 March and will remain open until 17 September, consists of canvases, sculptures and site-specific installations, created expressly to interact with each other and with the Renaissance structure of the Cloister.

INTERACTION responds to a precise social, cultural, political and dialogic message, which proposes new horizons for a global city in which different languages confront and coexist above any conflictual dimension, without losing their own peculiarities. The exhibition proposes the concept of "action", combined with those of "cooperation", of "doing", of "building". The title of the exhibition, as its curator explains, therefore underlines the need to combine “doing” with “building together”, the central theme of the Made in Cloister Foundation.


Laurie Anderson • Ljubodrag Andric • John Armleder • Paolo Bini • Maurizio Cattelan • Frederik De Wilde • Sergio Fermariello • Giovanni Frangi • Georg Oskar Giannakoudakis • Peter Halley • Gottfried Helnwein • Paolo Iacchetti • Ruprecht von Kaufmann • Liu Jianhua • Iva Lulashi • Jason Martin • Rafael Megall • Marco Neri • Mimmo Paladino • Nicola Samorì • Vibeke Slyngstad • Natee Utarit • Joana Vasconcelos • Ronald Ventura • Nicola Verlato • Serena Vestrucci • Wang Guangy

2022, Oil on canvas, 390 x 220cm